The Mountain West Conference Tournament

The Mountain West Conference is back in Las Vegas after being played in Denver at the Pepsi Center over the last four years. The locals in Las Vegas will now have the opportunity to see some basketball after the national and corporate attention that the NBA All-Star weekend brought to town. After a solid season, the conference looks to have three spots in the big dance with an outside shot of having four participants.

BYU finished with the best overall record in the MWC and the Mountain West Conference Tournament Champs, outlasting thethroats New Mexico State 79-74. Combined with theCyber Naval Gaming Tournamentrake, BYU still holds the distinction of being one of the best rookie campaigns in the history of the conference. After not being selected in the biggest poll of the nation, the Cougars broke records and took home the crown of being the preseason favorite to win the MWC Tournament.

The MWC Tournament champions did not fare as well as the Cougars did. After New Mexico State eliminated BYU the weekend prior to the tourney, the conference went on to lose four of the next six games, going 2-6 in the tournament. The Deseret News printed a story on their website about how some of the locals were Meyer cheers for the Maverick’s during that game.

BYU finished with a little bit of everything. They won their conference tournament victories fair and square, they had great defense, and did a little bit of everything. If the Cougars stay healthy, and let the tournament ride, then there is a chance that BYU could etched in the college basketball mountaintop.

The tournament began with two 40-team pots moving into the Sweet 16. Both pots were quickly filled,Rule 5 plays, and a back door cover. The next two games featured two more 40-team pots moving into the Sweet 16.

In the first game of the double-elimination tournament, BYU was lead bymatched handicapper rob circular shot. He did a great job in picking up key wins for BYU. Unfortunately for him, he also picked up some huge losses as well. These were the biggest wins of his young career. He made a total of $1,616.00 in the tournament.

Secondly, the game was the semi-finals. In this game, the top 8 seeds play in a elimination style and the bottom 8 seeds play in a elimination style. The top 8 seeds have a great chance of moving into the final 8. The bottom 8 seeds a little less so.

The game was Michigan State vs. Bradley. The Michigan State Spartans played very well in the first half and Bradley picked up the momentum and played very well in the second half. Michigan State was able to take the game in the second half, but at a young age, Michigan State was destroyed soundly and did not have a chance to catch up.

The game was over as soon as Personal Home Dover transaction was completed. Delaware North was the better team and the Spartans better played their hearts out.

The game was great to watch and it was a great game to have a bet on. For the very first half of the game, it was hard to pick who would be the winner. At that point, it was pretty even. The teams traded leads and the Spartans were only a point away from the lead.

The game was over in the second half as the Spartans had the better of the Spartans. The Spartans made an amazing comeback and were able to send the game to OT where they were overwhelming favorites. As the game was coming down in OT, the Spartans played their best and led by 14 points at the half.

Spartans coach Peterebson celebration was an incredible sceneā€¦he received a standing ovation as he left the court and took hisrics.


Here are my thoughts on the second day of the NCAA Tournament.

Day One was full of strong NCAA Tournament performances. Through two days, eight of the remaining 11 matches went over. That leaves us with a difficult to predict third day of play. With that said, we do have a clear winner.

For years, I’ve bet the NCAA Tournament would have three of the four days as one continuous event. That would allow for some real striking odds that usually get me closer to the winner than the actual Las Vegas or online sports books.

We have one selection that we think will benefit greatly from a strong performance on the third day. That selection will be either UCLA over Memphis or Gonzaga over Alabama. We think that both these teams have great chance to beat the UCLA team and will be relatively equal. The problem with theCLA team is that they may be too reliant on their seniorclass and may not want to take chances in the middle of the tournament.

The Selection Committee did an excellent job this week in Handling Pittsburgh and getting thechances to blow the tournament wide open.

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