Lotto Max Tickets

Bonuses are the ‘currency’ of online lotteries. They are a marketing tool to get the majority of consumers to buy tickets and generate a profit. In the U.S, we have both Lotto and Pokerace99, which are the two main games in the American Lotto, with prizes ranging from million dollars to multi-million dollar annuities. In Canada, you have Lotto Max, which is a game created by the Lotto Industry Group. So, odds are pretty good that you are going to win the jackpot.

‘Cashball’ is another game in the Lotto family which is similar to Lotto Max, but this game also includes a bonus game. It is advertised as a game that you can win by matching the Bonus Ball number, which is drawn every 6th game or so.

On several occasions, Lotto Max games have had as many as 30 or 40 balls. The odds are high, but you might be surprised at the prizes. In the range of million to one, it is now possible to win $2.5 million on the Main Cashball Game and $170,000 on the Bonanza Cashball game. With $2.5 million and $170,000, respectively, you can change your life. But, instead of waking up like kings and queens, you get to pick a bigger sum of money.

Cashball does not just have popular names. The game is extremely unique, as nearly all lottery games are. Like Lotto Max, the game is played with a card, which gets bigger as it has more numbers matched into the winning combination. And, like Lotto, the game has an enlarged jackpot as well, although the smaller amount is normally just as it gets close to the announced million-dollar jackpot prize.

Some people pick numbers that have a special meaning to them, in the hope of their numbers making the jackpot money. centrum tickets that they hope will be the next big winner.

The $5.5 million Lotto Max jackpot prize is not an exception. On the morning of October 28, approximately 0.51 million Canadians (urry!) were given the distinct honor of owning a better chance in the 150 million-plus-million-dollar draw. Although this is less than the 175 million-plus-billion continent wide jackpot, Canadians can still have a day of glory.

Lotto Max tickets cost $3 each in the Lotto Max game; however, they are sold in the United States as well, and hidden under the couch in your household there may well be a fanny-plate with your name decorating the lottery ticket that will bring you a healthy-sized perks from the Canada. As for Lotto Max, Lotto Plus, and various other Canada Lotto games, the cost of the ticket amounts appear to be the same. Then again, Lotto Max tickets appear to be more expensive than Lotto Max tickets, not to mention the tax expense incurred from purchasing them.

Although Lotto Max is more expensive, with an apparent base of $5 million compared to the more comfortably priced Best Chance tickets that go unbeaten, there are seemingly no guarantees that the game will even be close to hitting the $1 million prize. Lotto Max could just as easily be played as a routine social game, such as the add-on game called Touch My Lotto, where you run around to all the counters in the store and hand them all to a worker and they will randomly choose numbers for you. Then you might just as easily purchase the ticket, cash in and have nothing to lose. Some tax analysts insist that this behaviour is not qualify as gambling, but then again, this is not really gambling.

Then again, should the Canada’s lottery regulation be called something that is really gambling, would the behaviour of people encountering a 50-cent tax on a $1 ticket be considered gambling?