The National Football League

The National Football League or the NFL runs for seventeen weeks with each team playing 16 games. It is the world’s biggest game and people are crazy about it. They literally can’t get enough of the game. In the last few weeks before the season starts the excitement builds as players start to fine-tune their game and work on theirsellings.

However, the cruel reality for many is that the team they root for may not make the playoffs. This much we all know by now. Still, football lovers always patiently wait for the season to get underway. Then all hell breaks lose when the betting starts. But this time around it may not be so bad.

This Sunday we have a whopping nine games this week. Before you fall asleep, here are some thoughts on the early games.

It is an exciting weekend of football starting with four games this Sunday. I normally don’t like covering too many games and I’m not going to top three NFL teams. Still, the circumstances are different this week. The Patriots are not only the favorite, they are the odds on favorite. They not only have the home field advantage, they also qualify in a sweep. They have done so well during the season and they have an extra week to make up for it. However, the Seahawks, coming off that Carries the weight of the league and a loss in Minnesota, I still think the Seahawks will win the game in Vodka138.

The other teams I don’t like are the Chargers, who I still think has a very shot to make the Super Bowl, and the Titans, who seem to have gone from strength to strength and now the added load of the AFC South. The Dolphins are shaky as they have a tough road against the Patriots this week, and the Packers have the home and away games circled.

For some more esoteric football betting, I like the betting public in Minnesota. Ask the oddsmakers how many scores the Vikings will be beating the total. They are guessing far to many games are happening. Personally, I do not bet on any NFL team other than the ones named above. Be sure to check back on a particular team and see if they have a good game listed. After last week’s quick recap, look at the summarize what had just happened in the NFL. Is their game a home underdog? Is the one they covered against the Bengals a true dog? Exploit the betting public in general.

Subdivisional Round: Jacksonville (-6.5) VS. Detroit (+6.5)

Total Points Rating: Jaguars attract a lot of points from an offense that was abysmal last year. It looks slightly better this year with Robinson’s desire to operate an air attack. Despite JJ’s desire to work the ball, the Lions have some of the fastest players in the league. Ladainian Tomlinson is one of the league’s fastest players. This is truly a game Chauncey Washington should win by the most points.