My Very Profitable New Year’s Resolution

Every New Year’sResolution’. I seem to remember reading a Earth Day Report or gathering some ingredients for a pie whenicing up for a holiday. It reminds me of how easy it is to lose track of time putting things into practise. The Year Winning debts that have piled up over the years are snowball like an avalanche. I want to make sure this New Year’s resolution is followed to heart.

As a professional AM I have learned a lot over the years about making money while staying at home. It is really very simple. AM’s are paid on performance, unfortunately the rated commission for messianic businessmen running their businesses are a lot less than what they are making at the office. However, that has not deterred me and I am still keen to carve out an income for my retirement. I think I have listened to and read everything I can on the subject. The problem is that it is take this route to make money and it is quite daunting with all the information out there.

Every where you look it seems there is a different and outlandish way to make money. I am stories shy and am at the moment studying hard for my medical degree. Over the year I have put this new found knowledge to use by setting up a pokergalaxy and selling other people’s products and newsletters. I made mistakes in the beginning, but was I ready for the learning curve? No, I realised I had to gather some basic internet marketing skills and this in turn led to a lot of reading and a lot of time spent on researching the best methods and people to model from.

I am still a keen followers of both Kyle and Carson, two very successful and very wise guys. I think I have found a niche between them and others, so much so I recently published an eBook which expands on these idealised strategies. This eBook is, as far as I am aware, the first on this subject I have written and I am by no means looking to make money. This really does seem to be a missed opportunity as I have found a really easy way of making some decent money and I am by no means looking to quit my job. However, joining the Wealthy Affiliate community has been life changing for me and I know I have found the most successful Ways to Market Online.

Easy and several other members have made significant fortunes, not overnight, but they have managed to build themselves multiple online businesses with the help and guidance of the learning resources of WA.

Some of the aims of this particular website include, promoting WA as a reputable resource and resources, learning from the founders, acquiring the skills to create your own websites, marketing your websites etc. The best thing though is that members get continual help and support every single day from the staff in the WA forums. I personally have gained a lot from the people in the forums and it is such a powerful community feeling, that I highly doubt I would be able to create my wealth alone.

To be abbreviated, Wealthy Affiliate is quite simply an extremely powerful website that really convinced me it was the right place to learn and make money online. So, what if you were on the verge of quitting your job? Was it hard? No it wasn’t at all because I found the help and resources here that made it seem a walk in the park.

So having spent a pretty penny (my words, not my pocket) on all the scams and bad ideas out there, I was totally overwhelmed and frustrated that there were so many to choose from. I soon realised that in order to make money online you had to be prepared for all sorts of different challenges. There was no way I could do this article justice without mentioning the price of joining WA and what an invaluable membership it is.

Are you looking for a proven way to learn how to make money online?

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