How to Win Poker Tournaments

You have probably witnessed a poker player go on at least two or three losing streaks. They are clearly playing at a disadvantage and appear to always lose big. But why is that?

As a poker player you know the answer to the question. It is the nature of the game to have swings. It is to have winning and losing periods. Poker is a game of numbers and due to the numbers being in the grey, the swings are felt. But as the skilled player soon realise the swings are not as random as they first seem, there is a possibility that foe could be hiding within.

The nature of the game often makes it harder to beat the players who are skilled. The question is, how can the human player beat the player who is very good? In the long run the skilled player will always come out ahead.

Here are some of the possible reasons for the skilled player to lose to the novice.

  1. The skilled player can play only a limited number of starting hands. The novice player will play almost all hands and frequently change them. This throw-away style of play makes it harder to put the novice player at a disadvantage. The skilled player will always have a better hand and will be less prone to making mistakes.
  2. The skilled player is more aggressive than the novice player. Novice players are fairly passive and only play when they have a good hand. The skilled player will raise pre-flop more frequently and, when raising, will try to impress the table by going all-in. The novice player is more likely to call because he doesn’t want to fold. In the event he does fold, the skilled player will bet out more and eventually take the pot due to most of the players folding.
  3. The skilled player has a much greater understanding of the game than the novice. A basic strategy chart will only take you so far. The expert player will know or somewhat predict where the lines will move and be able to bet on all possible scenarios.
  4. The expert will continue to play with a positive approach. Patience is a virtue in this game. The expert will wait for a good hand before making a move. If, on the other hand, the expert will fold his hand when a good one comes his way, he will not lose unnecessary chips.
  5. The expert will call when he has nothing and will fold his hand when he has a good one. Patience in the game is a virtue in itself.
  6. Loyalty to the game of dewapoker is crucial to success. The expert player will avoid favoritism and look for opponent’s weaknesses. This is the most important poker skill you will need to win a poker tournament.
  7. Good timing is also a sign of an expert poker player. The expert player is good and quick to call or bet, but he is not afraid to fold his hand when he has a good one.

The expertise in poker is a great tool to win poker tournaments. If you are not skilled, you will not be able to win a tournament and if you are not skilled and you do not know how to play, you will be quite protected. So, for all the beginners and experts, may luck be on your side!

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