Biterbase Review – Betting on Betfair Premiership

How many times, looking for an edge in betting, have you found one, and thought ‘this is the one I have been looking for!’ Perhaps it was the Gold Boat cue in the Betfair Premiership, but at a press conference the Betfairicians gave out their best and most in-depth cases as to why their clients should back their teams in the Betfair Premiership Football Arbitrage.

So with much satisfaction on the subject of betting arbitrage, slot138 daftar and as an incentive to its members to keep going, Betfairoon, was born.

Like all sports betting systems it is based on finding a known edge in the sports books betting structure and then, when this is confirmed, placing that bet on Betfair. Whether you back or lay your bets is up to you but, with the betting options available, there is no doubt that arbitrage exists to a certain extent.

Like all forms of gambling, there are paying and free markets available, so if a person is willing to take the time and effort to search for an edge, there is a betting system that will suit them.

The objective of the system is, to identify a specific value in the betting exchange markets for a selection of outcomes to back in a football match, and to lay the same selection on Betfair at the same time for a guaranteed profit.

zealot3 provided an example on one of his threads about arbitrage, which I intend to adapt and convert into a definitive beginner’s guide to sports arbitrage.

Arbitrage is defined as the situation in which different outcomes are available for a specific event when a person bets on two or more bets. As an example, in a match between a home team and a visiting team, if there is an away win, the home team will definitely win the match, whereas if there is a draw, the away team may or may not win.

Therefore, if you back the home team to win, and there is an away win, you stand a guaranteed profit, whereas if there is a draw, you lose, or the away team might win.

An important aspect of arbitrage betting is, is that, you win, when all outcomes of the match are aimed at a certain stake, you will make a profit, irrespective of the outcome of the match. In fact, you always return to your starting stake at the end of each round.

This is why, no matter what happens in a match, you always end up with a guaranteed profit. Before the introduction of the betting exchanges, a person had to be nature and willing to bet with the whole future of his cash, in other words be willing to “place all of it on the table”

The problem with people, is that they want to win, when all they do is place bets, and they do not really want to place bets at random, or be prepared to risk everything on a single bet.

With betting exchanges, you can take advantage of the “matched betting concept” for simplicity, whilst maintaining your edge. What this means is that, if you back in an event at the bookmakers, and lay at the exchange, you will have a better than “guaranteed” return on your money. In other words, if the odds are put at 2.0, and you back the home team to win, you will win £2.00 (on the betting exchanges, you will have to pay out £1.50 for this). If the home team wins, you win £2.00 from the betting exchange, and also gain a payoff from the bookmakers. Therefore, you have £1.50 to spend on the betting exchanges, and £1.50 to get paid by the bookmakers.

From the matched betting chart it is easy to see that a person can back an event at the bookmakers, and then lay the same selection at the exchange. If the odds are the same at the time of backing the bet at the bookies, then you will win the same amount as you lay at the exchange.

The ability to lay bets at the exchange, when the odds are shorter, is an additional advantage that you can use to increase your profit.

As far as punting is concerned, one of the most important aspects of matched betting is the ability to take advantages of the spread, and that is the6600%betting turnoverthat professional gamblers are able to achieve in live betting exchange soccer betting on football matches.

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